Loft Conversions

Are you looking for more space and stay in your home? A loft conversion could be the perfect solution for you.

Loft conversions have increasingly become the ‘must have’ of home improvement.  It’s easy to see why, there are so many benefits:

  • Pays for itself: A typical London loft makes up around 20-30% of your property. That’s alot of unused space.  In most cases, the cost of the loft conversion is easily covered by the increase in the value of your house
  • Looks great: Loft conversions are a great addition to your home, adding space and light to your living area
  • Avoids moving: Many of our clients love the area they live; the schools; friends and family.  A loft conversion is often the simplest way to give you more space without having to move
  • Only adds space: Unlike an extension, which can remove open space, a loft conversion will just take advantage of unused space.  We can create some amazing bespoke storage solutions too including walk-in wardrobes
  • Permission free: Most loft conversions do not require any planning permission
  • Superb insulation: a loft conversion will insulate your home, saving you energy costs in the long run